Circus Art provides circus skill workshops anywhere in Tasmania. Andrew Brassington, Mark Sands (and his family) and Ana McGoldrick have been teaching circus skills for over 30 years throughout Tasmania and occasionally the world. If you have been taught circus skills in Tasmania over the last 30 years, its very likely these three have taught you.

We also sell a wide range of circus equipment, contact us for further information.

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 Circus Skills develops:

Trust, Strength, Skill Development, Coordination,Confidence, Team Building, Dedication, Focus

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Circus Art Tasmania is founded by the talented and dynamic Mark Sands and Andrew Brassington and recently joined by Ana McGoldrick (specialist in teaching aerial silks and static trapeze).  The team have been performing and teaching circus skills for over 30 years. They are passionate about sharing their years of knowledge and experience in circus art, and enjoy passing on the benefits of circus skills to any individual or group.


Mark Sands is a dedicated and passionate trainer and performer in Circus Skills. Tasmanian born, with a Masters Degree in Antarctic Krill, Mark discovered the benefits of circus art whilst studying where he began his circus career in 1991. After two trips to Antarctica, the circus bug took full possession of Mark.

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Andrew Brassington is a regular trainer and performer in Circus Skills. Born in Tasmania, Andrew trained in circus in Europe. Returning to Tasmania to complete a science degree in 1991, he met Mark doing circus skills at Uni and the friendship in circus was formed.


Both eventually completed their studies before moving on to full time circus work. During his time at UTas Mark took over as head trainer of the Tasmanian Youth Circus, later joined by Andrew. After 6 years Mark moved to NZ to take up a position of Acrobatics tutor at “CircoArts”, Christchurch Polytechnic. This eventually led to a partnership with Rudi Mineur to form the now world-renowned comedy acrobatic duo “PopEyed”.

Andrew teamed up with a local performer and created Loud and Obnoxious, which performed throughout Australia including the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He also worked for art organisations specialising in community arts and large outdoor events. He now runs Tasmania’s leading entertainment agency, Island Entertainment.

Their lives eventually led them back to Tasmania to create families (Mark is winning with 8 kids).

Mark still performs internationally with his eldest son, whilst performing around Tasmania with his family. A passion for circus runs through his whole family!

Andrew is employed as a Clown Doctor for the Humour Foundation working in Hospitals state wide, performs circus throughout Tasmania at Festivals and Corporate events.

Both still teach circus as a passion and a lifestyle.