Circus Art

Circus Art Tasmania kids Parties


What we do.

We bring a whole world of circus fun to you.  We offer a range of different circus themed parties that can be run in your garden, local park or community hall.  These parties are suitable for ages 6-12.  Older or younger groups can be arranged on request.

Parties are $225 + GST for 2 hour duration, 10 children.

What you get.

Juggle play party – our experienced instructors will organize games with a circus twist to set the theme and then offer tuition and guidance in all of the various circus equipment.  This can be done in a quite structured manner or a relaxed play style depending on the party requirements.

  • Games
  • Juggling balls
  • Hula hoops
  • Spinning plates
  • Diablos
  • Poi
  • Rolla bolla
  • Devil sticks

Jumping stilt party – all of our instructors are experienced professional stilt walkers. We bring our experience and all of the gear to your nominated venue.

For each party we will teach stilt safety and balancing basics.  A flat grassy area is ideal for stilt parties. (Or something similar, wooden or carpeted floor is fine).

Extra adults can be a good idea to help the kids get started.  We find most kids get the hang of it really fast so once everyone has found their feet we can try some stilts games and activities.

  • Sky runner jumping stilts and knee pads provided

Participants may want to bring their own helmet for extra safety.


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